Event - Info And Signup

ZMP Support- Operation Deep Freeze 2019


Minnieapolis ARTCC

Event Date:

2019-01-26 00:00:00z - 2019-01-26 05:00:00z

Event Description

Throw on your warmest socks, crank up the heat, and don't forget to pack your shovel! Come join us as we staff Minneapolis to the gills on January 26th. From 6:00 PM CST until we can't take it anymore, enjoy full staffing and realistic winter operations at KMSP. Bring in IFR or VFR traffic - makes no difference to us! If bad weather is in the forecast, expect delays for deicing, snow removal, and missed approaches - hope you brought enough fuel!

As always in anticipation of a large event, we ask that pilots ensure that they have up-to-date scenery for KMSP, including runway 17/35. ZMP heartily recommends FlightBeam Studios’ excellent KMSP-HD scenery for FSX and P3D, and freeware options for FSX/FS2004 and X-Plane are also available from your add-on library of choice.

ZMP controllers will be gathering live in the Twin Cities for a weekend of winter fun. We’ll keep the fire warm and look forward to seeing everyone at MSP!

Position Assignments

Position Name Controller
CHI_35_CTR Jamar Finch
CHI_W_APP Vince Acres
CHI_B_DEP No Assignment
ORD_TWR No Assignment
ORD_GND No Assignment
ORD_DEL No Assignment
CHI_I_CTR Chris Hadden