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ZNY FNO Support: N90 Satellites FNO


New York ARTCC

Event Date:

2019-08-30 23:00:00z - 2019-08-30 03:45:00z

Event Description

Fly into one of the N90 satellite airports: Teterboro (TEB), Farmingdale (FRG), or Westchester (HPN) for a busy Friday Night. The New York Metro satellite airports are small and compact, providing easy access to the city. Because of this, surface congestion will be an issue so fair warning, the more A380s that try and land, the less space EVERYBODY gets (not to mention the wake turbulence separation). Check back frequently for updates!

Anticipated TMIs: (1) route structure to manage complexity, volume, and balance arrival streams; (2) manage arrival volume to avoid surface congestion; (3) prioritize departures during low arrival volume periods to free up gate/taxi space.

Goals: Manage HPN, TEB, and FRG to keep airborne delays to less than 75 minutes per airport with MIT, metering, and manage inbound departure delays to less than 90 minutes with ground stops of cumulatively less than 180 minutes per airport.

Note: route portions between >< are required. If there are multiple route options for your flight, pick any of the valid ones. If your flight has a required portion but does not cover the entire route (from origin to destination), you may file user preferred trajectory (UPT) until the required portion, then via the published route to destination. Users are encouraged to file required routes to manage complexity, volume, and balance arrival streams.

All other routes must file preferred routes at mandatory altitudes.

Required Routes:

Position Assignments

Position Name Controller
CHI_51_CTR No Assignment
CHI_35_CTR No Assignment
CHI_B_DEP No Assignment
CHI_Z_APP No Assignment
ORD_TWR No Assignment
ORD_GND No Assignment
ORD_DEL No Assignment
MDW_TWR No Assignment
MDW_GND No Assignment