Event - Info And Signup

Live: From The WYNDE City


Chicago ARTCC

Event Date:

2019-10-18 23:59:00z - 2019-10-19 04:00:00z

Event Description

Join ZAU as we control live from Chicago! KORD and KMDW will be staffed, so come and experience all that the WYNDE city has to offer! Hope to see you all 10/18/19 0000Z-0400Z. Pilot brief with info, and preferred routing to come!

Position Assignments

Position Name Controller
CHI_94_CTR Clay Brock
CHI_51_CTR Dhruv Kalra
CHI_46_CTR Shehryar Ansari
CHI_35_CTR Orest Kovalev
CHI_X_APP No Assignment
CHI_J_APP Christopher Hadden
CHI_E_APP Vince Acres
CHI_Y_APP No Assignment
CHI_Z_APP Roland Wenzel
CHI_W_APP Derek Vento
CHI_F_APP Jamar Finch
CHI_S_APP No Assignment
CHI_B_DEP Logan Waldman
ORD_N_TWR Zakery Husk
ORD_S_TWR Jackson Gilliam
ORD_I_GND No Assignment
ORD_O_GND No Assignment
ORD_M_GND No Assignment
ORD_ER_GND (Ramp) No Assignment
ORD_DEL Noah Horowitz
MDW_TWR No Assignment
MDW_GND Sport Thomas
MDW_DEL No Assignment