Event - Info And Signup

Cross the Pond Eastbound 2019:



Event Date:

2019-10-26 11:00:00z - 2019-10-26 23:00:00z

Event Description

We have had the honor of having KORD being chosen as a departure Field for CTP Eastbound 2019! We will need as many controllers as possible, we can expect lots of traffic! Accurate times, and briefing will be added as soon as information is available!

Position Assignments

Position Name Controller
CHI_46_CTR Lance Harry
CHI_35_CTR Orest Kovalev
CHI_Z_APP No Assignment
CHI_D_DEP Christopher Hadden
CHI_B_DEP Jamar Finch
ORD_N_TWR Jeremy Russell
ORD_S_TWR Roland Wenzel
ORD_I_GND Noah Horowitz
ORD_O_GND Jackson Gilliam
ORD_M_GND (Metering) Zakery Husk
ORD_ER_GND (Ramp) Marcos Garcia Tobar
ORD_E_DEL (East DEL) No Assignment
ORD_W_DEL (W DEL) No Assignment
MDW_TWR No Assignment
Just Put Me Somewhere No Assignment